Friday, February 25, 2005

Lono's curse

In the same week Hunter S. Thompson blows out his brains, my blogging career slides down the chute to emerge bloody and screaming into the blogworld. Bear with me while i mewl and puke and learn to walk on wobbling legs.

I owe the name of this blog to HST:

"Just pretend you're visiting a huge outdoor loony bin," I said. "If the inmates get out of control we'll soak them down with Mace." I showed him the can of "Chemical Billy," resisting the urge to fire it across the room at a rat-faced man typing diligently in the Associated Press section."

Read the whole thing.


zandar p. quigley said...

RIP, HST: Now entering Bat Country

FreeThinker said...

Ah, the legacy of HST is profound.

In the late '80s, I had a writer friend in college whose nom de plume was Seth Pun Northsum.

Only recently did I realize this was an anagram of Hunter S. Thompson!