Monday, August 29, 2005

Saturday OCD - lunchtime update

A quick update on yesterday's post: my New Orleans friends are fine. I did finally call them, but of course the circuits were down by then. But before bugging out, they got out an email saying they were pointing their wheels out of town, and this morning they called. They're in Memphis, waiting it out, trying not to think too much about the home they'd made and left behind, walls painted, pictures hung and homey details settled in. The storm was not as bad as it could have been, so there might be something there when they return.

I'm hoping.

And for those of you who were wondering about the title from yesterday, about "OCD", and thinking, "This isn't about obsessive-compulsive disorder at all, just a rambling post about a wet cat," well, you're right. You see, I meant to write about how, now that the cats were clean, I had to clean everything the cats might possibly come in contact with. And then everything that might come in contact with anything that might come in contact with any of those things. And so on. But the post was already too long, and I realized nobody really wants to read about how many times I had to check to make sure I locked the door, I did lock the door, didn't I? Well, it wouldn't hurt to go back and check to make sure I locked the door, just one more time. And I know I went back and checked, but did I really check? Surely there's time for me to just go back and be absolutely sure....

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