Thursday, October 19, 2006

Laptop down

To my charming, attractive and terrifyingly intelligent readers: my laptop is bollixed, screwed, mangled and nearly ashcanned. Normally, this would only be an inconvenience, as Mr. Billy is generous enough to share his with me; but as Fate likes to have a laugh now & then, Mr. Billy's laptop is similarly kaput.

So, my digital umbilical severed, I have to cadge lunch-hour time on the day job computer to let you all know this: I haven't forgotten you.


Anonymous said...

ah, my Darlin'... I await your swift pen when your fingers can yet again fly over the keys....
your salubrious one, Shuriu

anne said...

The thought of a dead laptop fills me with dread. I hope you're coping.
I'm off to burn back-up CDs now.