Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm not blogging today

I'm not blogging today, even though I've said I'd blog more regularly now, and I didn't blog this weekend or last night, even so. I'm not blogging today.

I'm not blogging today because last night an eighteen-year-old kid strolled through a mall I used to work in, shooting ten people who could have been people I know, but weren't. Because the news showed a picture of a woman's body on the floor, a picture that could have been shot from where I stood every day at work. Because when I tried to call my old boss, nobody answered the phone, of course nobody answered, the mall was closed today, but all day I was obsessively checking the news, ashamed at the relief breathing out of me when I read the names of the dead. They weren't anybody I knew.

I'm not blogging today because I spent too much time on the phone at work, talking to people who seemed to be talking about something happening just to one side of me, not what I was talking about at all.

I'm not blogging today because my stomach hurts, and what an incredible bore that is.

Maybe I'll blog tomorrow, but I'm sure as hell not blogging today.


Anonymous said...

OK. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a good time to cuddle Mr. Billy, and not blog.

I remembered the mall when I saw it on the news. The last time I saw you was at that mall.

Wonder if I can still go get those Linda Hamilton glasses?


Chemical Billy said...

Geoff, thanks for that - I was starting to wonder if I'd just made it all up. For you, I'm sure we could scare up a pair of kick ass Linda Hamilton glasses.

Anonymous said...

So surreal when the news ceases to be something distant behind the screen.