Monday, June 25, 2007

(Everybody's got something to hide except for)
Me and My Monkey (Part II)

Idexa readies her tools
Idexa agreed to take breaks so I could photograph our progress.

The outline is laid in
She worked for three hours.

Black is filled in
I had a strong memory of my mother while Idexa's drill burred into my skin; one I hadn't thought of in years. She used to draw elaborate pictures on my feet. My favorite was a spiderweb that covered my foot and ran up the inside of my ankle, with a spider spinning away at the top.

"Do you like spiders?" Idexa asked.

"No," I said. In fact, both my mom and I were phobic. But somehow it was comforting, Mom lazily drawing the web as I lay back on her flowered quilt. She cradled my foot and we talked about nothing. I looked at my dad's painting that hung above their bed: a wingless angel flying overhead, cupping a palmful of light. If you fuzzed your eyes just a bit, though, it looked instead like the face of an old bearded man wearing goggles.

The finished product
There it is, the finished product. You can say it - you know you're thinking it - I now have a monkey on my back.


nealaus said...

Cover me, darling please

Anonymous said...

Nice monkey!


Geo said...

That memory is of the essence.

As for the monkey on your back, wasn't he always there? I'm meditating on his color and the interesting choice to stylize his mouth away. And how did you come to put him on the left side of you? I am interested.

Not long ago, I learned in a dream that my "totem" is a large, dark horse. I've been out of whack for a bit here lately, but probably not enough to shake the equine from my soul. I mean, I do hope my totem isn't something like a cockroach now.

Hey, cb, I love you. Sorry I haven't been in touch lately. I did order an unlimited long-distance calling plan for our phone, so it's baby steps, baby steps to overcoming my long-time phone phobia. Soon, soon.

Bones said...

Fucking awesome tattoo, Chems. Congrats!

I owe you a drink, I think.

Something pink.

Chemical Billy said...

So many old friends!

Nealaus - long time, kid. Don't you monkey with the monkey.

Geoff - thanks for stopping in.

Geo - oh, so much juicy stuff you give me. I'll tell you all of it, I will. And a large dark horse? Yeah, definitely. I love you back...

Bones - I'm definitely taking you up on that!

jkirlin said...

No, I am thinking...


Geo said...

P.S. I also meant to say:

Fetching torso!

(And that is NOT delivered with a Utah accent/intention.)

Where's there an inch to pinch? What's with the nearly forty and no flab? See me after class.

mysfit said...

lovely monkey - i totally dig!!!

Chemical Billy said...

jk - Idexa had a gentle touch. Mostly I was annoyed by the rattling of the teeth in my skull.

Geo - will you come to SF and tell me lovely things like this every day?

Mysfit - so good to see you!

Seth said...

quite striking and well done!

Kang Mango said...

Aaaah, that was why you looked familiar, I must have seen your picture on here at some point. I didn't realize you were the Chemical! I am saddened by own monkey, but am still not sure how to proceed on it. Yours looks great, tho.