Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This is my brain

According to credible reports, I am still here.

Not only that, my brain demonstrates no evidence for intraparenchymal signal abnormality.

The major intracranial signal voids are demonstrated, and the sagittal midline image demonstrates no evidence for pituitary mass or cerebellar tonsilar herniation.

To cap it all off, my ventricles and my sulci are age appropriate.

So I don't want to hear any more jokes about my immature sulci. Got it?


Geo said...

You've been consulting mind readers? What gives, darling Billy?

You have cute ears. And that's quite a shapely brain you've got. But I could have guessed that.

el Geoffo said...

Nice skull. I always loved your brain.

mothermary said...

You do have a beautiful brain. I'd say that last shot is the most becoming.

Bones said...

Ditto on the brain compliments. But were those "credible reports" double-sourced?

Chemical Billy said...

All: blush

Bones: Absolutely. Descartes will back me up. I blog, therefore I am.

Anonymous said...

honey... why did you have to get this series of tests done? Shuriu