Saturday, March 05, 2005

For my red-state friends (& family)

You liberals who dwell in the loving freak-embrace of San Francisco with me--or in other godless corners of the country--can skip this.

I want to talk a little about gay marriage. Or, specifically, the banning of it in 11 states around the country, and the attempt to make this a part of our constitution.

Some of you, my good friends and family, voted for these bans. I know that you are intelligent and caring people, but I don't think you understand what this means.

I have other close friends (and family) who are gay. Many of them are in strong, long-term, commited relationships. Some of them grew up in religions that considered homosexuality a sin, and they tried with open hearts to deny this essential part of who they were. Some of them didn't. They're all just people going about their lives. When I spend time with my friends in long-term relationships, I'm happy to see that they care about each other and for each other, the way couples should. It makes me happier about my own marriage, and about marriage in general.

But for some reason, a large number of people in this country voted to make it illegal for these folks to get married. Why?

Put yourself in their place, if you can, for a minute. When you were married, the whole community celebrated with you. Now imagine that, instead, the majority of the people where you live feel that a union between you and your spouse is immoral. Dead cats are left on your doorstep. Obscenities are shouted at you & your spouse in the street. Your house or car is defaced. Already, your marriage is not recognized as legally valid, but now, your neighbors vote to make it entirely illegal. Can you see how this would feel hateful, like one more obscenity hurled at you in the street? Like naked bigotry?

Yes, you have a right to worship as you choose, of course. I respect your deeply held religious beliefs. But it's one thing to adhere to certain beliefs, and another to compel others--who do not share these beliefs--to follow them.

Think about it. Does this seem Christlike to you?

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zandar p. quigley said...

Damn good points. Try as I might, I can't recall ever reading in the bible that Christ instructed his followers to Go Forth And Judge.