Sunday, April 10, 2005


Stan said that's how to find a job, just look for the cranes, Verl, wherever you see a crane, you know there's a job site.

Verl drove around with his face scrunched up to the windshield, There! There's one, just one crane, but you never know, they might need someone, they're always looking for labor, Verl was a good worker, his ma always said he was a good worker, she could give him anything to do and he'd keep at it until he was done, no matter how long it took, or how many blisters he got.

Yep, Verl was a good worker. He just needed to walk up to the trailer, there, where the supervisor is, and tell him what a good worker he is, and he could have a job, just like that, and money to walk around with, money in his pocket that he didn't have to ask ma for. That's all, just knock on the trailer door, it would be easy, Stan said they were always looking for good workers.

Verl sat in the car, looking up at the crane, bouncing his fingertips on the steering wheel.

Just knock on that door. They were always looking for good workers.

Tomorrow, Verl thought, turning the car around. He'll come back tomorrow.

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