Saturday, January 07, 2006

Billy has the flu

After a Nyquil-assisted nap, maybe I'll blog. Or maybe I'll have another nap.

In the meantime, enjoy my quote of the day:

"There's no room for personal feelings in Science, Judith!"


jkirlin said...


(Making mental NOT to lick the Retard Fountain Pen should it ever come my way again.)

Did I mention that I hope you are feeling better?

anne said...

I vote for "another nap". 'Cause once you're rested from the first one, the second one's always better: sheer guilty pleasure and all that.
Is Mr. Billy at your beck and call?

Geo said...

And there's no room for personal feelings when you have the flu or food poisoning. I'm out of it too, barfing my guts out. Hope to meet up when we're well.

Nyquil . . . lucky you.

jason evans said...

Feel better, CB. I'm coming down with something nasty at the moment also.

mysfit said...


Caryn said...

Hope you're feeling better now, and that your recovery wasn't too difficult. (Am back from vacation now and just catching up on blogs.)