Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Buy my sweet car

Buy my sweet car
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With attractions like this in beautiful Guerneville, who wants to write?


Anonymous said...

Yo, don't be dissin' Guerneville!

Straight outta Guerneville fo sho!

Caryn said...

Great find! Love the sign, and the cracked gate leading to where I assume the "sweet car" is. Somehow this whole thing makes me think of Napoleon Dynamite

Joseph K said...

You shouldn't discount sweetness in a car. My car is a fucking prima donna.

Geo said...

Now I've got a sweet desktop. Thanks!

azuremonkey said...

Yes, it was sights like that (and the toothless men) that made it diffficult to get any work done in beautiful Guerneville.

My favorite sign was "Food for Humans Open". Gah! I wish I'd had my camera around when I saw that.

monkey 0 said...

That picture is not altered in any way. I can vouch for it. Although I did not actually taste the car, so I cannot speak to that.

Chemical Billy said...

Anon, I post with love.

Caryn, ack! Okay, I was one of the few who didn't quite find the charm in that movie.

Joseph, clearly, this sign is for you. You need a sweet car.

Geo, happy to oblige, ma'am.

Blue, food for humans. We all need more of that.

Monkey, clearly you missed out.