Sunday, April 22, 2007


I share the bus with him most mornings. Had him pegged as a post-hippie: skinny, jeans-wearing ponytailed sort.

But on Friday, he climbed onto the bus, head ducking shyly. His hair was loose, brushed softly to his shoulders. His jeans, I noticed, were designer, fitting just so to his hips. A scarf ran through the belt loops. Hand lifting delicately to his sunglasses (glamorous Jackie O), I saw his fingernails shone, freshly manicured.

He pulled off his sunglasses, his eyes flicking from person to person around the bus. I smiled at him; he returned the smile, looking demurely down, mascaraed lashes casting shadows on his pinking cheeks.


Suzanne Courteau, aka Bones said...

I like this guy. Maybe I should have him meet HapE in a scratch fiction story...

liz said...

I love watching people- pegging them- learning how I am right or wrong. people are interesting. I miss that about Ny- the public transit access to people watching.