Monday, April 23, 2007

Monkey hats

Chemical Billy in monkey hat
A dear friend knitted monkey hats for the Billy family.

Blanche in monkey hat
Blanche the cat models Mr. Billy's. Mr. Billy is camera shy, so Blanche is filling in.

What could be better than monkey hats?


Anonymous said...

You can find the Sock Monkey Hat design at

Suzanne Courteau, aka Bones said...

LOL! So silly, so very excellent.

Oh my, that was a good laugh.

But you know, dang, if that is not a cool hat.

Anonymous said...

2cute 2b 4got

moiety said...

Chemical Billy,

I have to ask: does your moniker come from the author of "the Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved"?

just wondering . . .


P.S. If PAW ever gets up off the ground and going again, you'd be (of course) a welcome guest.

Geo said...

Stealing your photo . . . that's what's better.