Thursday, November 24, 2005

"Parade Shrugs Off Weather, Marches On"

As hard as it is to tear myself away from such gripping headlines, I am off for the weekend to the broad vistas and dusty byways of Arizona. I won't be far from Tombstone, where actors slaughter each other daily in the OK Corral, where living in the past is a way of life for a whole town. And where I may not have internet access.

Reluctantly I turn off the television, fetchingly booted, high-stepping majorettes and bloated balloons consigned to oblivion; I shoulder my bags for the journey ahead.


Caryn said...

Have a lovely time. It's beautiful there.

azuremonkey said...

Bring me back a cowboy!

jkirlin said...

I hope you didn't miss the M&M Chocolate Candie® induced lightpole drubbing the sisters got.

Anonymous said...

Maqroll in City again soon. News for cb.

Chemical Billy said...

anne, lovely time was had.

azuremonkey, I had cowboy auditions for you, but nobody made the cut. Next time.

jk, you taunt me! How could I have missed the M&M Chocolate Candie® induced lightpole drubbing?

Maqroll, I'm all aquiver. When? When?