Sunday, November 06, 2005

This is Chemical Billy

monkey 0, who is always watching, stopped by the other day and snapped some photos.
Caitlin and Blanche

Dad, if you're reading this, the cig is just a prop.

And in case you wondered, monkey 0 is eight feet tall.


Sylvana said...

I was wondering about the angle of these shots.
Hardwood floors! I'm so jealous.

Psychedelicate Girl said...

You sure do clean up good.

anne said...

Those pictures are really very cool.

Anonymous said...

Nice monkey suit

Nihilistic said...

My favorite is the cigarette picture!

Joseph K said...

Nice crib. Nice pics.

Chemical Billy said...

sylvana, joseph - yeah, but just out of frame, it's a dump.

psych girl - think I should bathe every day?

anne, stacy - monkey knows how to snap 'em, huh?

anonymous - wiseass.

Geo said...

Apparently, one of monkey 0's legs is longer than the other as well. Bad enough being 8'.

If I was always being watched, I think I'd wear a top hat too. Good choice.

You're cute.

Chemical Billy said...

geo - aw, shucks. We try to overlook monkey 0's, er, handicaps.

And for those of you who thought I was being too hard on Anonymous back there, I was just delivering my line:

Eddie Valiant: Nice monkey suit.
Bongo: Huh. Wise ass.

Anonymous said...


Survival Cookies said...

Hey Billy!

I didn't know where to say, "Hey Billy!" - So I'll do it here (or up there). You talked a convincing talk over those little chocolate bottles of booze, so I’ll be blaming you for inflicting my Blogging unto the world. It was a quick and painful birth… but I’m here.


Anonymous said...

Forget aboot classmates "Billy", I got your message. Yes, I prefer Joseph now.
Damn girl you were always so creative, great to see you're still shiny!

Chemical Billy said...


So good to read some words from you, flung out over a chasm of years. I'd like to hear more, if you care to tell.

And I'm tickled that you still see a bit of shine...