Sunday, October 09, 2005

Billy in Zion

I am off for a short trip to Utah, but will post when I return.


Nihilistic said...

Utah? Eww...I didn't like Utah too much.

Anonymous said...


Convey my aloha to the spirit of Wally Stegner..."where the bluebird sings to the lemonade springs..."


Caryn said...

You're coming to Utah? Where will you be???

Chemical Billy said...

Stacy - it has its points. Strange ones, but points. And it's not so bad in some places, like where Anna lives.

Is it, Anna? Alas, I'll only be in Provo, and only for a short time, a memorial service for a friend.

Maqroll - you know Wally & me, and all the strange voices of the desert, nuclear winds and hoodoos.

Daniel Heath said...

don't get converted.

or would that be reverted?

you're not allowed to rewrite your novel with a happy ending in a Salt Lake City massage parlor.

Chemical Billy said...

What do you mean, rewrite, monkey?