Sunday, October 30, 2005


Note: Computer in hospital, I'm stealing time on someone else's laptop just now, so I will be brief.
Walking to work the other morning, I saw first a delicate foot, wrapped neatly in a scarf, gold, red, black. A man holding the foot like the prince with Cinderella's shoe, kneeling on the sidewalk in his suit, eyes looking wide-open toward the owner of the foot, dark circles under his long lower lashes. I clear the fence and now see her sitting on a step, in rich, impeccable hijab, flawless skin flushed, a fat tear shining in the inner corner of her eye, gathering enough weight to slip free, land splashing on the cement beside her tiny hand.


Daniel Heath said...


I was driving through SF on Friday night, saw a young white man in a suit with a televangelist hairdo and a sign that said "FREE LIBBY."

best Halloween costume I saw all night.

Anonymous said...


Maqroll likes this very much. Debarking freighter from Sandwich Isles this week. Will be in touch.