Saturday, October 01, 2005

Help Billy

I've lost my way in blogland. And I'm asking you, dear readers, to help me find my way back.

I'm nothing without comments. I live for your comments. I am a comment whore. I'll go back and read a good comment fifty times in a day. And then I'll want to write more stuff, and read your stuff, and leave comments, and the beast feeds itself.

And I can't help noticing, my comments have been mighty thin lately.

So, I'm asking for your input. What would you like to see more of? Less of? If I must post cheesecake photos of myself for Half Nekkid Thursday, then by golly, I will buy a camera and strip.

There seem to be three different types of things that I write, and I'm taking votes on which you like best.

The first would be found objects, little scenes or people I observe about town, like Paleface or What Shondelle doesn't know.

The second I'm calling true stories, more personal (but not confessional) posts. See Billy goes under and Storm in August.

Last of all, of course, is scratch fiction.

That doesn't mean I'll necessarily eliminate the others, but you might give me a clue as to what works and what doesn't.

And if you want to see me write about something specific, or try something completely new, throw me a suggestion - I love a challenge!


Psychedelicate Girl said...

I'm partial to fiction, but...what else would you expect from me???

How about more stories with nudity and bloodletting? I understand that sort of thing rates fairly well...

Keep on truckin', Billy.

Caryn said...

I'm partial to the true stuff, but that's because I read blogs to connect with other people's reality. I like both the fiction and nonfiction, though. Sometimes what you have on here is so beautiful, so perfectly worded, that anything I would comment on would just sound lame, so I click on Leave a Comment, and stare at the comment form, and start to type something, and then erase it and shake my head and start over and finally give up. So if in the future I just comment with, "Wow." you'll know what I mean, right? Because anything else sounds silly.

I understand the craving for comments, though. I love, love, love to get comments. It makes me feel like I'm connecting with people, like what I'm writing is being appreciated. When I write something I'm proud of and no one comments, I'm so disappointed.

jkirlin said...

I'm digging on the true stuff although I'd hate it if you had to have a weekly fire in your neighborhood for it. And nudity ALWAYS helps. Maybe a true nude fire. :)

Chemical Billy said...

Anna - [blush] thanks! Yes, I will know just what you mean. If it helps, I have Comment Freeze all the time.

Psych girl and jk - Fire, nudity and bloodletting it is!

anne said...

I love everything you write, because everything you write you write with feeling. And I suffer from the same comment freeze, mostly because I'm scared witless of sounding silly or trivial or flippant (which I end up being most of the time).

jkirlin said...


hh said...

I like the found scenes the best. They give me the same mysterious thrill as reading Missed Connections on Craigslist.

jason evans said...

Chemical Billy,

I'm visiting from Anne's links. I'd be happy to help allay your comment slump! I'm partial to confessional posts, but a mix is definitely best. Loved the Storm in August post.

Joseph K said...

I have to admit that when it comes to reading generally, I am more partial to nonfiction. I have alerted the press to this fact, but for some reason, they have not picked up on it. I dig it all, CB.

Chemical Billy said...

May the Gods of Commenting heap blessings upon you all for your feedback. Give me more, more!

Anne - though I would never say that you sound witless or silly, both are welcome here. Comment Paralysis be damned, give me your silliest! (As Frank Black would say, what the world needs now is more silly men.)

jk - your wish (as always) is my command.

hh - the found objects are preserved, thanks to you.

jason - welome! I confess nothing, but admit to everything. All your suspicions are true.

joseph k - those witless bastards in the press are always lagging behind the times. Billy, on the other hand, will always listen.

Daniel Heath said...

for me it helps to not be in Mexico, mostly, for the reading of your blog.

love your found bits, but if you stop with the fiction I will sulk something serious. not that I think that's likely.

Chemical Billy said...

I hate to see a monkey sulk.

Bones said...

Hey Mister Chemical,

Well, I like 'em all, but I am partial to the found bits. But really what I like is that the found bits blend into the fiction.

Do you imagine that your fiction bleeds back into real life?

Geo said...

All I want is for you to come up with a good definition for the word I'm supposed to identify before Blogger lets me post this comment. It's: "xzzya". Please, Billy, won't you broaden my vocabularic horizons?