Saturday, October 22, 2005

Nobody counted on rain

this Tuesday, even the weather report showed that little sun graphic, no cloud, no dripping rain. But it showed up anyway, girl in a sundress, arms wrapped around her waist, running across the street, old Chinese couple bending in toward each other at the bus stop, heads touching.

I'm walking fast away from work, dodging the drops, sweat and rain soaking into my skin, I hear a scooter coming up from behind, scooter motor putting, and another sound layered on top of it, I stop and turn to look.

Scooterist coming quick up the road, helmet but no jacket, spreading bib of wet down the front of his shirt, arms shaking, his mouth wide open.

He's laughing.

He passes me, laughing, shirt stuck to his skin like wet toilet paper, laughing, he roars down the street.


anne said...

Rain storms in the city can be an absolute pain, and an absolute pleasure... It's hard to know where the line is sometimes.

Caryn said...

I love that image, the mad, happy scooterist. So reckless, yet so thrilled. Great moment. I grew up in Ohio, where it rains nearly every weekend, and many of the days in-between. When it's not raining, the sky is cloudy and overcast. Here in the desert, I have finally begun to love rain again.

jason evans said...

...shirt stuck to his skin like wet toilet paper

Nice! I already don't like him.

Nihilistic said...

Stick in the spokes will stop that laugh!