Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Billy gets a camera

Click to see larger photoWhile I can never hope to be the thing of the moment, nor am I always watching, I do now (thanks to the stupendous Mr. Billy) have a camera.

I am therefore dangerous.

The father of the girl in the pink boots, for example, was - rightly, as it happens - suspicious.Click to see a larger photo

I promise, this is not about to become a photoblog. I just had to show off my new toy. I'll throw in a picture now & then, but if I find it growing into an obsession (a distinct possibility), I'll find another home for the pics.

Want to see more from my day at the beach? Trundle on over to Flickr.


jkirlin said...

Oooo Scratch Photography! I can't wait! :)

Geo said...

I'm so excited! Billy with a camera! Nice Christmas gift. Way to go, Mr. Billy.

Caryn said...

I love to see the occasional photo on a blog. Makes for nice variety! And you had some very nice pictures.

I was afraid my photos would overtake my blog, so I finally found a new home. Took a while to get it together, but it happened.

Chemical Billy said...

Thanks all! I'm becoming Annoying Camera Person now, instead of just Annoying Person, which makes all the difference.

Yeah, gold star for Mr. Billy.