Friday, December 23, 2005

Billy unplugged

To my highly attractive and obviously brilliant readers: I will be away for a few days. No cell phone access, no T.V., no internet. On my return, I will repent of my lazy blogging and everything else I've neglected. Or, at least, have a few days of furious activity followed by weeks of torpor and sloth before the guilt piles up again.

I know, you can hardly wait.


anne said...

You do realize that flattery will not get you anywhere, right?
Hmmm. Who am I kidding.
Hope the break is good. :)

Anonymous said...


Maqroll is frozen in dock. Coal burning stove works well, tho'.

Many best wishes. brrr.

Maqroll El Gaviero

Caryn said...

Have a nice trip!

Survival Cookies said...
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Survival Cookies said...

opps - sorry, I was saying - Have a happy holiday and be safe...