Friday, December 02, 2005


A new story of mine, "Raimondo the King," is being published in issue four of Things That Are True.

The theme of the issue was Hills, which sent me deep into a sort of sick-nostalgia centering around the Hemingway story, "Hills Like White Elephants" and that moment in my past when I first read it and how it blew my mind and made me say, "yeah, man, that's just how it is," when I really had little idea how it is.

But then I pulled my head out of my ass and wrote "Raimondo..." which has nothing to do with anything except itself.


Anonymous said...

this is great news...maqroll is happy! where can he buy? btw ship docked tonight in Oaktown -- a beautiful walk across the bay bridge -- tho' harassed by security (with hardhats?) on bridge -- walked with trusty duffle to downtown hotel where, finally, they call all sailors "sir."

maqroll el gaviero

Anonymous said...


sorry...but to be on land again. ah, the plumbing works! The water is hot!


Caryn said...

Mega congrats, CB! I bet it's an amazing story.

jkirlin said...


jkirlin said...

*grrrrrrrr* I tried to buy it and it won't let me and then I saw Heath is in it! MONKEY COOTIES! Why won't it let me??? *wah*

mysfit said...

wow cool, congrats!

LyP said...

I add my congratulations, dear Chemical Billy. Could not happen to a nicer blogger.

BTW, I had to use Mozilla to order. Internet Explorer did not work.